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Monday, July 5, 2010

{create} mini popcorn boxes tutorial

I have loved paper folding since I was a little girl.  I thank my beautiful mum for that! I have fond memories of her crafting & creating and she always involved us kids! One of the techniques she taught me was bag folding, which I have used to create these adorable mini popcorn boxes. There are quite a few steps, so it may seem a little daunting, but once you have completed one, they are really quite easy.
  • Click here to download the printout  and print onto A4 paper.
  • Trim excess white paper
  • Create 2 folds, equal distance from the star.  I've used the lines as a guide, folding on the 2nd white line away from the star.

  • Lay the paper face down, leaving one of the sides folded in.
  • Using glue or double-sided tape, join the edges
  • Keeping the initial fold in place, push paper to create a 3rd fold line

  • Open and (using 2nd foldline as a guide) push paper to create a 4th fold line.  You should now have a 4 sided open box shape.
  • Create gussets by folding sides inward.

  • Fold gussets outward
  • Take the bottom edge and fold up to the top, and crease at fold

  • Open out the folded section, and flatten as shown above. 
  • Using the crease lines as a guide, fold in the bottom edge of the base.

  • Again using the crease line as a guide, fold in the top edge of the base
  • Using glue or double-sided tape, join the bottom flaps
  • Open, and push out sides to complete!

Fill with yummy popcorn, and enjoy!

Perfect for your next circus or magic party!!

Tanya x


  1. (And you've changed the permissions:-) Thanks! What's a blog if you can't comment:-))

  2. This is lovely - they'll fit in perfectly with my circus themed baby shower!!!