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Monday, June 28, 2010

{goodie bags} martha stewart inspiration

Any of these gorgeous little goodies (found in this gallery on would be the perfect thankyou for guests at a garden fairy bright and happy, they make me smile :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

{recipe} tiny tea cups

These 'cute as a button' marshmallow teacups were made by Aimee's very clever husband, Mark.  I love them, and don't think any tea party should be without them!!

To make your own...

tic toc biscuits
block of chocolate
lifesaver lollies (Mark has used pepp-o-mint for these ones)
sprinkles (to match your theme, of course! We found the ones shown at IGA)

1. Break the chocolate into squares and melt in the microwave or double boiler.
2. Cut lifesavers in halves (TIP: place the lifesaver smooth side down otherwise they break into lots of pieces rather than halves)
3. Lay tic toc biscuits out on a tray, icing side up
4. Dip one end of the marshmallow into the chocolate and dip into sprinkles
5. Dip other end of marshmallow into chocolate and stick to tic toc
6. Finally dip ends of lifesaver half into chocolate and stick to the side of the marshmallow

Stand back and admire your cute creations!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{details} star cupcake inspiration

I just spotted these adorable little star topped cupcakes on The TomKat Studio blog...aren't they sweet? They were originally posted on the inchmark blog, you can see more pics and instructions here. I think they will be perfect for Toby's magic party that is coming up...just change the icing colour!

Monday, June 21, 2010

{toby's magic party} invitations

Can you believe it's almost July already?...where does the time go?

With Indigo and Toby's birthdays only a month apart, Toby's party always sneeks up on me!... Just two weeks away...panic mode!!

Toby decided on a magic theme quite a while ago, inspired by his Uncle (Monkey) Mark who has an online magic shop and loves surprising the kids with his latest tricks. Toby loves it! He plans to put on a magic show for his friends (with the help of Monkey Mark of course!)
We made the invitations over the weekend...the little bunny pulls out of the magic hat to reveal the party details...too cute!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

{details} icecream jackets inspiration

How gorgeous are these icecream jackets by Amy Atlas? ...and they are the perfect colour palette to co-ordinate with our garden fairy party decor! View Amy's icecream story at Sweet Designs: A Blog by Amy Atlas: Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine,  and you'll find a link for the pattern to make your own paper icecream jackets!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

{indigo's tea party} the food

Indigo's party was for afternoon tea, so I kept the menu sweet & simple...cupcakes, scones with jam & cream (of course!), lovely little marshmallow teacups (shown above), heart shaped fairy bread, mini circle-shaped cucumber sandwiches and a few store bought items...wafer sticks and mini meringues.

{indigo's tea party} the cake

I have seen some amazing teapot and teacup cakes...but I wasn't that daring!  I went for a giant cupcake instead!

I borrowed this amazing giant cupcake baking pan from a friend (thanks Katie xxx) and here's how it turned out... Indigo loved it and it fitted the theme perfectly! And so easy! The pan comes in 2 parts...the base and the top, it even leaves a little hollow in the middle for filling (what did I fill it with? ...marshmallows and icing...yum!).  I made a giant cupcake holder from paper (printed to co-ordinate) and iced the top with Betty Crocker frosting that I coloured pink with food dye (love Betty Crocker!).

{indigo's tea party} decor

This is my favourite photo of the decor...I love the colours, so sweet!

The table shows the decor from our tea party package... and many hours drooling over the gorgeous dessert tables created by Amy Atlas inspired me to try my own mini version (seen in the background...not quite finished). The birthday banner...inspired by Polkadots & Pirates. Both these ladies are very talented ...I will share some of their amazing work in future posts!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{indigo's tea party} invitations

My gorgeous little Indigo just turned 4! ...Where have the years disappeared to?

We had a tea party to celebrate, so I thought I would share some of the ideas and images!

Here are the invitations from our tea party package.
For Indigo's I've added a sticky flower gem to the top of the teapot and layered the invite onto fairyfloss pink cardstock... too cute!

first post

Aimee & I love celebrating our own children's birthdays with sweet little parties!

The look on their gorgeous little face when they see a room you have transformed just for them is priceless... and the fun and memories created at the party last a lifetime.

We hope to inspire you with some of the lovely things we have created, and the beautiful things we have discovered....