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Thursday, March 24, 2011

{eat} vege sticks & dip in a cup!

How adorable are these individual serves of vege sticks & dip? So fun, healthy & colourful, these would be perfect for a dinosaur or safari party!!

I got the idea from one of the gorgeous blogs I follow!! I can't remember where though sorry :( ....if it's you, please let me know so I can give you credit!!

To make them yourself... 
  • 'secret family recipe' dip - combine a packet of Continental french onion soup mix with a 400-500g pot of sour cream.
  • cut carrot and celery sticks. 
  • half-fill plastic 'shooter' glasses with dip and finish with vege sticks
  • keep refrigerated until ready to serve
So easy, healthy and delicious!!

We served these at a party recently, and they were a real hit with children and adults thing, double dipping is ok!!

Tanya x


  1. I love this! I did it for our Cars party and called them 'Dipsticks' and the kids ate them up!

  2. I did this too... and also can't remember where I saw it! I threw my daughter a "Ladies Who Lunch" 7th birthday party, and these were the individual crudite at their place settings. So cute and no mess!