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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{guest post} super hero mask how-to

A special thank you to the lovely Emma from Whimsy Woo for sharing this adorable superhero mask how to!!

Ok so here it is… the Super Hero Mask!

You will need:
  • 2 sheets of felt 20cm x 10cm (I use contrasting colours so you can reverse them too)
  • Visofix ( I use heat and bond ultra)
  • Piece of elastic ( measure your child’s head and take and inch off that measurement) OR I used also an adjustable bra strap that is only 6 mm wide, though you could use wider.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Star, heart, lightning bolt motif for between the eyes…IDEA: if you have a star on one side and a lightning bolt on the other you can play goodies and badies!
  • Needle and thread in same colour as one of the felts

NB When ironing felt I put a piece of cotton over the top to stop scalding.

  • Ok so you will need to iron on your visofix to the back of one piece of felt.  
  • Trace the mask template onto the visofix backing and cut out, including the eye holes. I used nail scissors for this as they are sharp and curved but you can use any scissors. 
  • Remove the visofix backing and place the elastic approximately 1cm above center line on each side with the ends approximately 2cm inside the mask. Add a few stitches using a needle and thread to hold it in place. Not 100% important but helps when doing the next step. 
  • Place your mask visofix side down onto the other piece of felt and make sure that the elastic ends are sandwiched between the two layers and the piece that goes around their head isn’t!!! 
  • Gently iron the two pieces together, making sure all the edges around the eyes and mask are sealed properly. NB try not to press to hard as this wil make your mask VERY thin.  
  • Cut out mask and eye holes to match the other side you have already done. 
  • Iron on your motifs between the eyes.
  • Take to you machine people…..and sew around the edge of the mask, approximately 4mm from edge, go over the elastic a few times to make sure it is held nice a strong, you can also go around the eye holes and motifs if you like but I don’t.
  • Guess what…YOU’RE DONE!
Mix it up, I have also added a fabric to one side instead of felt which looks funky and allows you to match the fabric of your cape to the make even better!

For the girls mask I add cats eye glasses style point at each end and diamantes! Options are endless.

Emma Mullins

Here's a peak at some of the gorgeous things you can find at the Whimsy Woo website....dummy bibs (what a great idea!), sweet little apron & chef hat sets and these adorable monsters!! Thanks again Emma! Tanya & Aimee x