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Friday, December 10, 2010

{create} tissue snowflake tutorial

Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment on and share our red, white & silver christmas dessert table!! 

Here is the tutorial I promised for creating tissue snowflakes!

I hope I have described everything clearly enough for you!! Might be a good idea to look through all the instructions before you start! Any problems please let me know!! x

These instructions are for creating a small tissue snowflake, finished size approx 24cm.  You can create 4 of these small snowflakes from just one sheet of tissue!!

1. Take a single sheet of tissue paper
2. Cut into quarters (set three pieces aside, you just need one piece to create your snowflake) 
3 & 4. Working with the tissue paper in a portrait orientation, create an acordian fold approx 2cm thick. 

5. Collapse folds
6. Take one end and fold in half (width-wise), ready for cutting.  (You will be cutting both ends with an identical pattern, so keep the cuts for the first end in top half of length.)
7. Start with a rounded cut on the folded edge, then snip out a 'v'
8. Cut a long curved shape from the open edge.

 9. Now cut a longer curved shape from the folded edge
10. And finally a small curved shape from the open egde
11. Repeat these cuts at the other end (to make them the same at both ends, fold in half and trace your cuts from the first end)
12. Open flat, so that you can see the pattern you have created

13. Fold and create a crease in the centre
14. Open flat, and place a staple across the centre
15. Take a single layer from each half, and meet them up
16. Staple together at top and closer to the centre, then repeat for other side, so that you have a round fan shape.

Hang with transparent line.

Try changing the pattern to create different designs!  The one above has a simple rounded end, with just two curved shapes trimmed from each side.

Have fun...and as always we would love to see your creations!!

Tanya x

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tanya, Just wanted to say Thank you for sharing this great idea on your blog, I have so admired these tissue paper snowflakes and was so happy to get a point by point instruction on how to create them... Thank you!